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Ray of Light Farm

Open Driving and Schooling Show


Show dates:  

March 26th

May 21st

Registration starts: 9:00am

Heros Class: 9:30am 

Driving: 10:30am (in driving ring)

Mounted: 10:30pm

Class Fees: $10.00 per class 

Lunch Break: 12:00pm


Additional $5 Late Fee WILL Be Added to Late Entries


Driving Information: 8-16 years old.
In-house students must schedule 2
lessons with Dave Bradham in order
to enter (only 1 lesson required for
Heroes). Outside entries, please call
Dave for a brief consultation before
the show (860-319-7348). Limited to 12 participants.


--- 9:30am
1. Heroes Equitation
2. Heroes Pleasure
3. Heroes Trail
--- 10:30am
4. Open Halter
5. Showmanship
6. Leadline W/T Equitation
7. Leadline W/T Pleasure
8. Leadline W/T Command
9. Green Rider W/T Equitation
10. Green Rider W/T Pleasure
11. Green Rider W/T Command
12. Junior W/T Equitation
13. Junior W/T Pleasure
14. Junior W/T Command
15. Senior W/T Equitation
16. Senior W/T Pleasure
17. Senior W/T Command
18. Sit-a-Buck
19. Costume Class
20. Miniature In-Hand Halter
21. Miniature In-Hand Obstacle

22. Miniature In-Hand Hunter
Over Fences
23. Green Rider W/T/C Equitation
24. Green Rider W/T/C Pleasure
25. Green Rider W/T/C Command
26. Junior W/T/C Equitation
27. Junior W/T/C Pleasure
28. Junior W/T/C Command
29. Senior W/T/C Equitation
30. Senior W/T/C Pleasure
31. Senior W/T/C Command
32. Introductory test A
33. Introductory Test B
34. Introductory Test C
35. Training Level Test A
36. Training Level Test B
DRIVING - 10:30am (driving ring)
1. Driving class 1
2. Driving class 2


Submit Completed Entry Form To:


Ray of Light Farm
232 Town Street, East Haddam, CT 06423


Or Email Entry To:

Horses traveling in must have proof of negative rabies and coggins.

Success! Message received.

Rules & Regulations

* Children must be supervised by an adult at all times.
* Protective headgear is mandatory in all classes and when mounted
on show grounds.
* No show clothes allowed. This is a fun show!
* No dogs on the show grounds.
* Entries must have proof of negative rabies and Coggins (WITHIN ONE
YEAR) on hand and presented/checked before horse(s) walk off the
* GREEN RIDER: must be in first or second year of showing. May show in
all appropriate divisions.
* JUNIOR RIDER: 17 years and younger
* SENIOR RIDER: 18 years and older
* COSTUME CLASS: Dress up your equine friend. All entries must be
presented unmounted.
* LEADLINE: All leadline riders must be led by a person 18 or older.
* Heroes class (Special needs): open to riders with physical/mental
/emotional impairments. May have assistance if needed. These riders
may not enter other divisions.
* Driving Class: Open for 8-16 yrs. In-house students must schedule 2
lessons with Dave Bradham before show (1 lesson for Heroes). Outside
entries, please call Dave before the show (860-319-7348). Limited to 12
* To be eligible for a division award, a rider must compete in all classes
within the division.
* Show management has the right to cancel, combine, or split classes as
deemed necessary.
* The decision of the judge is final.
* Please be respectful of the farm, show grounds, animals, equipment,
participants, spectators, and volunteers. Any rude or disruptive
behaviors could result in removal from the show grounds. Any animal
abuse will be reported and will result in immediate removal from the
show grounds.
* There is a designated smoking area on the farm. Smoking anywhere
else on the farm is prohibited.

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