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Meet some of the people that make it all happen!
Here are some fun photos of events and the people that make them happen.
Thank you!

Nearly every month of the year the farm is hosting a community event.  

These events are run by a few dedicated staff and a large number of volunteers. 


It's a lot of work but also a lot of fun!

If you would like ot become a part of the team, give us a call or better yet, stop by!


Trainers and Instructors

Cathy Languerand


Mission: To share clear, compassionate communication with both horses and humans that promotes a healthier body, mind, and spirit. This compassion allows us to create a greater awareness and a deeper partnership with ourselves, others, and our animals.


Since 1975 I have worked professionally in the horse industry teaching, training, and caring for many breeds of horses for jobs in many types of work. I have  trained with the United States Pony Club, Master Instructor with the Certified Horsemanship Association, a PATH Certified Riding Instructor, a PATH Certified Driving Instructor,  Reiki Master, and Reach Out to Horses Instructor  and Animal Communicator with Anna Twinney. 


       I have learned and shared in various rolls, from carriage driving with a veterans PTSD program to working with polo ponies, hunt horses, and untouched horses to teaching at the Yale Public ring program and Quinnipiac UniversityVet tech program. I have taught and written regionally, and nationally on giving a voice to the voiceless in both traditional methods and through horse whispering and teaching the biomechanics of body language. 


The Master Instructors I have worked with shared their methods of creating true partnership with horses. The horses themselves became my greatest teachers, teaching me lessons of body language, behavior, animal communication, and energy work. I look forward to sharing this deeper level of awareness to benefit both the horses and humans.

Sally Sanders


Try out Filly Night with instructor Sally Sanders!

 Sally began her teaching career in Westchester County, NY. She received her teaching degree through Pace University Equine Studies Program. She taught for several years at Pace U, then eight years at Fox Hill Farms in Pleasantville, NY. She also traveled throughout Northern Westchester teaching, training, and exercising at numerous barns and private homes.

Sally moved to CT in 1994 and started teaching at her home on a rescued mare. An increase in students brought two more horses home to teach on. For the winter months, she made arrangements with the previous owners at the Stables at East Haddam to bring her students to the indoor arena. This led to teaching at the farm and started her relationship with the new owners of Ray of Light Farm.

Sally thanks her teaching success to the numerous kind, patient and dependable school horses she has been blessed to work with over the years. Without them, she would not be in the ring today.

Sanna Piispanen

I was born and raised in Finland. Horses started out as a hobby for me as a little girl. My grandparents used to take me and my cousins for riding lessons here and there. Little did I know, this innocent hobby quickly turned into an addiction, and over time it became my entire life. I started out riding dressage. I had a few barn jobs when growing up. One of them was a harness racing farm, with multiple Standardbreds and a few ponies. I exercised the race horses, and took care of daily care of all breeding horses, as well as foals. And of course all your typical daily barn chores for the 12-18 horses, depending on how foaling season went. I came to the US alone when I was 18. Never have I looked back, or regretted a thing. I have worked with breeding horses, show horses, school horses, best friends & pets, of all genders, ages and sizes. I have shown Arabian Horses, which are my absolute favorite breed of all horse breeds. I also spent 6 months at a high level private dressage farm in Long Island, riding with a Grand Prix trainer/instructor.


Today, my heart lies with the Arabian Horses, as well as dressage, although I do appreciate all riding disciplines, and all breeds of horses. You learn so much for each and every one of them. I do miss the show ring. Someday I will show again. Maybe with my current Off-The-Track-Thoroughbred buddy, when he's ready. My most recent accomplishment, in 2018, was reaching the Level One Master Certification with Irwin Insights, and Chris Irwin. This year, I look forward to earning more credits toward Level Two, and learning many new valuable lessons.

Alex Larrick


Give Alex a call if you are interested in entering one of our schooling shows! 


Alex has joined our team of instructors, and is doing a wonderful job with her students.  

Horse Care Professionals

Sara Drynan Muirhead

Hoof Cares 

860 303-9671


My life work has been to practice both the art and science of holistic well- being. Along with my Masters in fine Art, my studies in homeopathy, natural hoof care, and alternative energetic healing modalities has fueled my passion to share the art of holistic health care for horses and humans. 


By working on thousands of horses and their humans under Dr. Regan Golob's tutelage, I have become invested and enthusiastically driven to introduce alternative options for people to empower their health and those of their animals. 

There is no solitary solution to turning on the healing capabilities of the body, so the beauty of the science based work I have immersed myself in has a broad range of possibilities. It is harnessing the awareness of the whole picture and peeling back the layers of ill health from the many physical, chemical and emotional stresses we all live with. It is allowing for miracles by believing there is more that can be achieved than merely surviving. 

On a daily basis I embrace the opportunity to share what I have learned and live to make my world a brighter place.

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