To all our farm family friends, staff, Facebook friends, supporters and friends we have not yet met:
Ray of Light Farm is temporarily closed and will open as soon as it is safe. We are sending our heartfelt love to all of our essential workers, who are keeping our needs met. And to all who are staying home during this difficult time.
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Dear friends of the farm,
We have temporarily closed our doors, but our hearts and hopes remain open. For the sake of our animals, we are asking for your help during this time of world crisis. And, yes, it is a crisis. Many of you have been affected in different ways. All of us have been affected in some way.

I’ll cut right to the chase and give you our bottom line. With all of our programs shut down, it will leave Ray of Light Farm at a $7000 PER WEEK deficit for every week that our gates remain closed. And it's been several weeks now! On the farm, we are trimming everything that we can - including shutting off the furnace, keeping the lights off, working with a skeleton crew and eliminating work that does not effect the health of our animals.

Our Facebook following is big, and has been a TREMENDOUS help! We cannot thank you enough. Many of our posts that have been made, has had a donation button with it. This is not what we want to do, but it's what we have to do. Every amount, no matter how small, will help "Keep the Light Shining".

The introvert in me is a little shy about sharing this so publicly, but I was told that I need to...that perhaps it would shed light on the passion that keeps so many striving to be a healing presence in our wounded world. And perhaps it will help you to understand how much we miss having you here!

In 2004, while Ray of Light Farm was still in the formative stages, I was asked to write a little bit about myself. I couldn’t fulfill the request, but words came through me that captured the way I see and feel the spirit and healing presence of “The Farm.” It expresses my heart and soul, and how I view the farm that you so generously support. We’ve received some help - so BIG THANK YOU for helping us move forward towards recovery. We still need help, if you are able. We look forward to the day when we can open our gates safely to you again.

This is shared in appreciation for all who are giving care to others.

With my deepest gratitude,

Bonnie Buongiorne


Shining Bright Totem Contest

Check out our newest fundraiser! Paint your own totem pole and have it displayed on our Pony Trail for all to see. Your participation helps us to continue our mission of helping animals and inspiring people. Thank you!

Keep the Light Shining!

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