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Birdies for Charity 2024

Make Your Donation Go The Extra Mile

Ray Of Light Farm is excited to announce our fundraising partnership with the 2024 Travelers Championship Birdies for Charity program! The Birdies for Charity program provides 501(c)(3) organizations in Connecticut the opportunity to raise funds by collecting donations.

Join us in this exciting fundraising initiative! With your help Ray of Light Farm will also be eligible for additional Birdies for Charity funds through the Bonus Bucks sponsored by Webster Bank. Each organization that raises money through Birdies for Charity will receive a 15% bonus on top of all donations. So make your donation go even further by donating through Birdies for Charity. The maximum bonus is $11,250, which would equal 15% of $75,000 in donations collected. 

Your donation to Ray of Light Farm will greatly help to care for the animals that partner with community members in need; our Veterans, our Youth, people dealing with PTSD and Covid related issues, and so much more. Making a donation is simple and easy. Please just click the link below to go to Birdies for Charity donation website. 


Thank you!

All donations must be submitted, or postmarked  by    June 23rd

BirdiesForCharity logo.png


Birdies for Charity also accepts check donations. They must be mailed directly to Birdies for Charity, accompanied by a donation card. You can download and print this card by clicking the image on the right.


Checks are to be made payable to:

Travelers Championships or Birdies for Charity


Send your check to:
Travelers Championship

Attn: Birdies for Charity

90 State House Square, 11th Floor

Hartford, CT 06103

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