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Programs & Classes

We added many new programs along with our popular existing programs.  There is something for everyone!

Ray of Light Farm has developed programs that work with the public and local communities to help further the promotion of animal assisted learning and healing. Even the simplest of pony rides, or the holding of a guinea pig, may be a child’s first contact with an animal. It may also be the first contact for a person with physical or mental disabilities.


Programs always experience growth and change. Therefore, we strive to develop and present new opportunities to our participants. Our animals look for the human, and humane touch. Our programs always incorporate partnership, so our animal conditioning prepares our animals (large and small) for their ever important roles here at the farm. Our programs may incorporate animals that are just beginning their journey here, while others are in sanctuary. Both have a lot to share. It is not uncommon to see a Veteran walking the trail or grooming our sanctuary animals. Or a small child being taught how to feed a goat.


Our program whether weekly, or just yearly events, help all our humans to understand their humanity with our animals assisting their journey to that goal.


Current programs and potential programs will be listed in this section.

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