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Bye, Bye Troubles...

Due to COVID-19, we have had to put our Tiny Trotter program on hold. Bye, Bye Troubles... is a great alternative for our youngest farm visitors! 

FARM FUN - Spend time learning to care for the animals. See how the farm works, and how the animals are cared for, while sharing a fun and memorable experience. 

ANIMAL PLAY TIME - Partner and play with an animal, large or small, winged, hooved, or with a shell.

Half the session time will be spent caring for the animals, and half will be a hands on fun experience with an animal.

All ages welcome. Pre-schoolers can collect eggs, feed guinea pigs or goats. Elementary students may add learning the five freedoms of animal care and how to lead a horse using his own language. For young adults and adults, more independent skills are introduced.

ANIMAL PLAY TIME - Includes Parent & up to 2 Children

30 minutes: $30

Cost and scheduling vary. Program is tailored to your specific needs.

To schedule your session, please call us at (860) 873-1895

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Need more time with a favorite animal? Consider SPONSORSHIP.

Call us for more information.

(860) 873-1895

When you are ready to commit to visiting and supporting your favorite friend, we will set up visiting sessions for you and your favorite animal.


Nina and I had an amazing experience at Ray of Light Farm in East Haddam called “Bye Bye Troubles”. We got to collect eggs, feed and pet guinea pigs (Oreo and Caramel), snuggle a gorgeous bunny (Ethan), walk a beautiful miniature horse (Ivy), and feed the goats and sheep. We learned so much about the animals. Thank you to the farm for all you do for these incredible animals. To those of you looking for something to do, for yourselves or with your kids, please check them out! They have some fantastic programs that are bound to fill your heart. All proceeds help the volunteers with food, veterinary care, and the well being of the animals. This is truly one of my favorite places and we will never forget this heart warming experience. ❤️

- Marta

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