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Our Team Members

This is our core staff. These amazing workers give it their all. They are the ones who make sure our animals are well cared for, and have everything they could possibly need. And not only that, these individuals work so hard for YOU, so you can enjoy every second of your stay with us. 


Bonnie Buongiorne

Bonnie witnessed the healing power of horses and saw the sustaining impact of this bond between animals and humans, which led Bonnie to be interested in horses.  Bonnie, herself, faced her own life-threatening health challenges a few years later and promised, if she survived, to do something good with her life. Out of that promise, she began to have visions of that led to the creation of Ray of Light Farm.

Bonnie brought 15 years of building experience and entrepreneurial skills to establish the farm.  She earned her B.S. from SUNY Brockport, her M.S. in Exercise Science from UMASS and her M.A. in Worship and Spirituality from Hartford Seminary.  Her focus on Women’s Leadership work gave Bonnie the knowledge to develop the Ray of Light Farm non-profit organization.

Bonnie continues to pursue her education and is now a Connecticut Licensed Massage Therapist for humans and a Certified Equine Massage Therapist. She is an active member of the Medical Mission Sisters based in Philadelphia where she is an Associate dedicated to be a healing presence in a wounded world.  Her dedication to the farm’s mission and her passion to continue serving the community inspires the creation of programs like Wellness Walkabouts©, Taking the Reins and HorseFeathers Veterans Programs.



Chris Irwin is internationally renowned as the most innovative Trainer of Trainers.  From his best-selling books to unprecedented achievements in coaching and competition, Chris is recognized by the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) as one of the world's most admired and influential leaders in the horse industry. 

Groundwork. Riding. Driving. From beginning first steps with horses to the highest levels of refinement with advanced equestrians, Chris delivers life-changing customized experiences in private, semi-private, or small group formats.  

Chris Irwin

Clinic Director


Sally Sanders

Sally moved to CT in 1994 and started teaching at her home on a rescued mare. An increase in students brought two more horses home to teach on. For the winter months, she made arrangements with the previous owners at the Stables at East Haddam to bring her students to the indoor arena. This led to teaching at the farm and started her relationship with the new owners of Ray of Light Farm.

Sally thanks her teaching success to the numerous kind, patient and dependable school horses she has been blessed to work with over the years. Without them, she would not be in the ring today.

Irwin Insights Certified Level 2 Master Trainer

Trainer, Instructor

Alexandra Larrick

Irwin Insights Certified Level 1 Master Trainer



Director, Horse Feathers Veterans Program 

Barn Staff

Diane Fields

Keegan Caneen

Nick Avalos

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