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This is our core staff. These amazing ladies give it their all. They are the women that make sure our animals are well cared for, and have everything they could possibly need. And not only that, these ladies work so hard for YOU, so you can enjoy every second of your stay with us. 

Bonnie Buongiorne






Mission: To share clear, compassionate communication with both horses and humans that promotes a healthier body, mind, and spirit. This compassion allows us to create a greater awareness and a deeper partnership with ourselves, others, and our animals.


Since 1975 I have worked professionally in the horse industry teaching, training, and caring for many breeds of horses for jobs in many types of work. I have  trained with the United States Pony Club, Master Instructor with the Certified Horsemanship Association, a PATH Certified Riding Instructor, a PATH Certified Driving Instructor,  Reiki Master, and Reach Out to Horses Instructor  and Animal Communicator with Anna Twinney. 


I have learned and shared in various rolls, from carriage driving with a veterans PTSD program to working with polo ponies, hunt horses, and untouched horses to teaching at the Yale Public ring program and Quinnipiac UniversityVet tech program. I have taught and written regionally, and nationally on giving a voice to the voiceless in both traditional methods and through horse whispering and teaching the biomechanics of body language. 


The Master Instructors I have worked with shared their methods of creating true partnership with horses. The horses themselves became my greatest teachers, teaching me lessons of body language, behavior, animal communication, and energy work. I look forward to sharing this deeper level of awareness to benefit both the horses and humans.

Irwin Insights Master Level 1 Certified Trainer

Sanna Piispanen

I was born and raised in Finland. I came to the US, on my own, at the age of 18. 

Horses have been my life as long as I can remember. It all started out as an innocent hobby when my grandparents would take me for riding lessons. Little did my family know, it would soon turn into a lifestyle. 

I have been with the Ray of Light Farm team since 2012. I started out as a part time instructor and trainer, and it's all been a one big journey from there on. Life before ROLF, I worked with a variety of different breeds of horses, different disciplines, show horses, pleasure horses, breeding horses, horses of all different ages and genders. I love all horses.

In 2016, I spent 6 months at a high level private dressage farm in Long Island, working and learning with two of the most wonderful Grand Prix trainer/riders, Wendi Schnittjer and Tine Zinglersen.

In 2018 I reached Level One Master Certification with Chris Irwin, of Irwin Insights. I look forward to the future of learning more!​

Irwin Insights Master Level 1 Certified Trainer

Barn Manager

Trainer, Instructor


Irwin Insights Master Level 2 Certified Trainer

Shannon Doyle

Barn Manager

Trainer, Instructor

Alexandra Larrick


Irwin Insights Master Level 1 Certified Trainer

Barn Staff

Trainer, Instructor

Makayla McPherson


Irwin Insights Master Level 1 Certified Trainer

Barn Staff

Trainer, Instructor

Sally Sanders

Sally moved to CT in 1994 and started teaching at her home on a rescued mare. An increase in students brought two more horses home to teach on. For the winter months, she made arrangements with the previous owners at the Stables at East Haddam to bring her students to the indoor arena. This led to teaching at the farm and started her relationship with the new owners of Ray of Light Farm.

Sally thanks her teaching success to the numerous kind, patient and dependable school horses she has been blessed to work with over the years. Without them, she would not be in the ring today.


Irwin Insights Master Level 1 Certified Trainer

Trainer, Instructor

Emily Cummin

Ray of Light Farm Welcomes Emily Cummin!


Emily is excited to be joining the team at Ray of Light Farm. As a lifelong horsewoman specializing in horse behavior, Emily comes to us as a Mastery Level 4 Irwin Insights trainer and coach. As a gifted instructor, rider and trainer, she will be offering her expertise in teaching horsemanship and horse behavior from the ground and in the saddle.


Emily has spent the last ten years dedicating herself to learning and teaching better communication skills with horses. She has a passion for facilitating programs for Veterans and First Responders, and is also dedicated to the training of horses, instructors, and volunteers for Therapeutic Riding and Equine-Assisted Learning Programs.


We warmly welcome Emily into our family!

Master Level 4 Irwin Insights Trainer and Coach

Trainer and Coach

Evelyn Bailey


Event Coordinator

Our Horse Care Professionals

Sara Drynan Muirhead

Hoof Care Specialist

My life work has been to practice both the art and science of holistic well- being. Along with my Masters in fine Art, my studies in homeopathy, natural hoof care, and alternative energetic healing modalities has fueled my passion to share the art of holistic health care for horses and humans. 


By working on thousands of horses and their humans under Dr. Regan Golob's tutelage, I have become invested and enthusiastically driven to introduce alternative options for people to empower their health and those of their animals. 

There is no solitary solution to turning on the healing capabilities of the body, so the beauty of the science based work I have immersed myself in has a broad range of possibilities. It is harnessing the awareness of the whole picture and peeling back the layers of ill health from the many physical, chemical and emotional stresses we all live with. It is allowing for miracles by believing there is more that can be achieved than merely surviving. 

On a daily basis I embrace the opportunity to share what I have learned and live to make my world a brighter place.

Hoof Cares 

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