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Mounted and Unmounted Horsemanship Classes

Our riding program is currently full, with a very long waiting list.
Unfortunately we cannot accept new riding students at this time.
However, we still have good availability for all other unmounted horsemanship lessons.


  both mounted and unmounted classes offered at Ray of Light Farm

Ray of Light Farm offers all levels of horsemanship classes for students of all ages. Our six, certified Instructors take compassionate horsemanship methods to the next level by teaching students how to read the horse's body language and communicate through their own body language. Ray of Light Farm has indoor and outdoor arenas, as well as trails in the woods, that students may enjoy during their lessons.


Learning to feel safe, and create trust are as important as finding our balance and timing. This is what we call compassionate horsemanship. Lessons are offered seven days per week.

Ray of Light Farm offers English riding lessons which emphasize centered riding, embracing Irwin Insight methods.

We do not offer Western style riding at this time.

Recommended ages - 7 yrs. and up


1/2 hour private or one hour group - $40.00 (after first lesson, lessons must be purchased by the package)

Package of five - $200.00

Packages of ten - $375.00

1 hour private - $60.00

Package of five (1hr) - $300.00

Package of ten (1hr) - $575.00


  this is an unmounted program

This program is geared for adults that want to experience the wonderful world of horses with hands on, and classroom learning. Our staff will teach you how to safely handle our horses, while exploring all the healing gifts and partnerships that can occur when working with them. 

Lessons offered Monday-Friday.


1/2 hour private or one hour semi-private (= 2 adults) - $40.00 per person

1 hour - $60.00 per person (2 adult max per lesson)

Give us a call for more information, and to schedule your first class! 

Please leave us a message if we cannot get to the phone. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Phone: (860) 873-1895

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