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Our Amazing Volunteers

The amazing, kind souls we really couldn't do without

We have countless volunteers that do so many amazing things for the farm and our animals. They are an amazing help, and we simply wouldn't be here without all their help and generosity. Our volunteers offer their services for numerous different jobs. Some do a little bit of everything, some focus on their most favorite tasks, some are out in the barn, some are out in the office, some come to help with events, some help with organizing, some come to help unload & stack over 20 tons of hay, and so much more. It would be nearly impossible to list everything our volunteers help with. 

Ray of Light Farm would not be the same without our volunteers. Their kind, warm hearts and big smiles.

To our much valued Volunteers

We cannot even begin to thank you enough! Our current volunteers, our old volunteers, our future volunteers. YOU are such a major part of Ray of Light Farm, and everything we do.


We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Hay help
Hay help2
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