About the Clinicians We Host at Ray of Light Farm

Anna Twinney

Internationally recognized equine and animal linguist, Anna Twinney often gives clinics and seminars at Ray of :ight Farm.  Anna travels globally to give a voice to the animals and supports people from all walks of life including the medical and veterinarian communities as well as celebrity horsemen and women.  

Through her consultations she has helped thousands of animals and their stewards on almost every continent.  Her ability to relate specific, verifiable, and extremely accurate information has helped to create an unblemished reputation and to make her one of the most sought after communica\tors in the world.  

As a pioneer in her industry Anna is paving the way for the next generation of horsemanship, teaching horsemen and women how to give a voice to all of their animals through telepathic communication.  She is an author, inspirational speaker and the creator of several media programs including a podcast, multiple DVD's, webinar series, and mentorship programs.  Her work has been featured on U. S. and International internet, TV, and radio programs. 


Chris Irwin

Chris Irwin is internationally renowned as the most innovative Trainer of Trainers.  From his best-selling books to unprecedented achievements in coaching and competition, Chris is recognized by the FEI (Federation Equestre Internationale) as one of the world's most admired and influential leaders in the horse industry. 

Groundwork. Riding. Driving. From beginning first steps with horses to the highest levels of refinement with advanced equestrians, Chris delivers life-changing customized experiences in private, semi-private, or small group formats.  

Regan Golob

People, horses and dogs across the country benefit from the knowledge and hands on training provided by Regan Golob BA DC. Initially trained as a chiropractor, Regan is constantly expanding his knowledge beyond the confines of a single discipline. His toolbox includes acupressure, myofascial, craniosacral, herbalism, and homeopathy. He will take you outside the conventional thought process while remaining based in science. Using the concept that the body is never doing anything wrong, it is merely attempting to survive, he looks for the underlying cause to switch the body from survival into thriving. Regan’s goal, unlike the current medical model is not to treat symptoms, yet rather aid in awareness and enhancement of total health. 

Regan received a BA in Biology from Saint Ambrose College, and his degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic. The foundation of his success is structure controlling function, nutritional balancing and lots and lots of motion. Early on he researched and developed his Bio Energy Analysis Technique. This technique utilizes acupressure points that he has found to reveal organ stresses and nutritional imbalances. It has served him throughout his long career and he continues share its healing benefits for both people and horses.