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BIG NEWS!  We are thrilled to announce that both Bonnie and Clyde have been sponsored (May, 2024)!  Please think about sponsoring Rosa or Aaron.  

SPONSORSHIPS - A Great Way to Help Ray of Light Farm

Please, can you help?  There are so many animals that need our human help to have a good life.  Rescues, like Ray of Light Farm and other animal welfare groups are increasingly full in the winter months.  Large animals, farm animals and small hay consuming pets require a lot of feed and hay during the winter when they no longer have their grass paddocks, fields and farm greens to live on.  Costs are soaring from inflation.  Grain, hay and feed have doubled in costs in many cases. 

At Ray of Light farm, we have two special areas that we would like to shine our light on today that we need help with. 

We would love to have sponsors for our sanctuary animals that have given countless hours of love and partnership with their various humans along the road of their lives.   Some of these animals have been cherished family members, done lessons, helped with therapy programs, plowed and farmed.  Many have loved children and adults never complaining, never judging.  Many of these animals have lost their homes to changes of all types.  Just like our families, our grandparents ,they have aged out but still require a home to live out their final days.  We have various horses and small farm pets that would love to be sponsored by you!

We have two special sponsorship programs for older horses and companion horses.  You can choose to be a financial sponsor for an animal knowing that the cost of it’s care can be eased.   You can also become an active sponsor for a two hundred dollar a month donation.   This provides for up to four guided sessions a month of grooming and walking with the animal.  The ultimate goal on approval would be for multiple independent visits.  Please visit us or call the farm at 860-873-1895, Thursday-Sunday, 10 to 3 so that we can set up this gift of caring.  We have many, many small animals from chickens to goats and more that would love a ten dollar sponsorship. 

Again, blessed are the people who find joy, love and giving to all creatures great and small.  Our world is better for all the animals that we love and care for and for those animals who love and care for us right back. 

Thanks for letting us shine the light… Ray of Light Farm Family





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