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Walkabout Sponsorships

Interactive program personalized for both horse and human


This program is for the person, or persons, who wish to help sponsor one of our sanctuary or rescue horses to help with their care and costs. You will learn how to groom, walk and partner with a horse, which will be matched to you by our staff. You and your equine friend can walk your way to health and wellness while you spend time exploring the benefits that both, animal and humans, feel with this special connection. This is the perfect pairing for those who may have horse experience that want to keep that connection without riding. This program is also available to those who have no real horse training, as we will assist all sponsors until they can become independent with this activity. Your financial support would be recognized as a donation. This takes about one hour of time once you are independent. Otherwise instruction will be half hour.

Of course, if you wish to financially sponsor one of our beloved retiring or rescue horses, we would gladly welcome that as well.

Donation costs:

Four walkabouts a month would be $200.00 (generally one time per week)

Eight walkabouts a month would be $400.00 (generally two times a week)

This program is geared for adults, and/or an adult with one child aged 14 or older.

Please, no exceptions at this time.

Program is also limited to time and availability. 

Thank you for helping us keep and walk our wonderful horses!

Gift of Sponsorships

Consider making a gift of sponsorship to family or a friend. You can sign up another person to sponsor one of our equine friends. We will be glad to do all the scheduling and take care of everything else. 

You give the gift for someone else to enjoy, and help, one of our many equine partners.

Contact us for more!

Gift Boxes

Some of our Equines looking for Walkabout Partners

Click photos for more information on each equine

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