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"Clean Out Your Closets"


We will start accepting donations
April 1st!

Last day to bring donations is
April 16th.


Clothing Drive.jpg

Help us by emptying out those closets and drawers!

We will only be accepting "soft" goods including shoes, bedding, clothing, boots, purses, towels, curtains, etc. We will NOT accept any other goods such as knick knacks, books, kitchen appliances, toys, or any other "hard" items. All goods should be in plastic bags, no boxes, as Savers now requires all items to be bagged.


So, what is this Fundraiser all about??

On the end date of this event, when we have received all donations, everything will be taken to Savers. There we will receive a donation for the entire weight of the load. This donations goes directly into our general fund for all of our farm animals; for general care, wellness and all other needs. 

By doing something simple like cleaning out your closets, and donating items that are no longer needed, helps our farm and the animals tremendously! 

Any amount of items will be a great help.

All donations can be dropped off at the farm.

Our public hours are listed at the very bottom of this page.


Are you a non-profit organization, looking for ways to raise money to help your cause?

We have successfully raised money for our nonprofit using FUNDrive® and think it would be a good fit for your organization too!

It's a fun and contact-free way to fundraise without selling door-to-door or asking for money. You simply collect clothing and household items from your community, friends, and family. FUNDrive® will buy that stuff and pay your nonprofit for those items.

When you host your first FUNDrive®, both our nonprofits will receive a $50 bonus. A win/win for everyone! (terms and conditions apply)

Click here, on our referral link, to learn more and to begin your fundraiser!

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